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Immunotherapy can be used to boost the body’s natural defense mechanisms, and utilize its own immune system to fight disease. When the immune system is used to target and destroy harmful cells, the body can start to fight against many diseases and even cancers. Advancements in the field of immunology have enabled us to develop therapies that can stimulate specific components of a patient’s immune system, to counteract the immunosuppressant signals of cancer cells. 

Immunotherapy can also be used to treat pet and environmental allergies. By gradually exposing the patient to minimal amounts of the allergen, we can stimulate the immune system and enhance its response. This is particularly helpful for those with allergic rhinitis and asthma, and can have long-lasting effects. In contrast to antihistamines and corticosteroids that are aimed at treating the symptoms, immunotherapy is the only available treatment that can naturally modify a patient’s sensitivity to allergens. This treatment is particularly invaluable for individuals with severe allergies that are impacting their quality of life. Potential allergens may include pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, insect venom, and certain other common triggers of allergic reactions. Please note that immunotherapy is generally not appropriate for food or medicinal allergies.

The Buckhead Primary Care Clinic is one of a select few practices in Atlanta that are certified and accredited to administer such immunotherapy treatments. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and learn how immunotherapy can help to improve your condition.

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