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Healthy Coffee

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5 Ways to Make Your Cup of Coffee Healthier

The effect of drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast largely depends on the method of preparation (the type of beans, the addition of sugar and cream, etc.). The place where you buy it also plays an important role. For example, fast food restaurants are not suitable for this purpose. Knowing certain facts and minor details, you can get more benefits from coffee.

Cut Back on Sugar

It is simple yet important advice. A sweet drink provokes sharp rises in blood sugar, which negatively affects the state of the endocrine system and metabolic processes. Try not to use artificial sweeteners as an alternative to sugar. A growing number of recent studies show that they can lead to weight gain.

If you want a sweet coffee, try adding stevia to the drink or using African beans like Seven Lakes, Zambia AA Lupili, Tanzanian AA, and Tanzanian Peaberry.

Be Careful with Cream

It turns coffee into a high-calorie drink. Moreover, it enhances the diuretic properties of coffee. Some people use cream to mask the natural bitterness of coffee. In this case, it makes sense to use light roast coffee as the taste is smoother. If you add cream for its milky flavor, try mixing low-fat dairy milk and nut milk. This will significantly reduce the amount of fat and calories in your cup of coffee.

Choose Light Roasted Beans

This drink has a less bitter taste and retains more polyphenols (beneficial plant compounds). Moreover, both light and dark roast coffee have the same strong scent.

Don't Skimp on Coffee Beans

If you are used to drinking more than one cup a day, experts advise buying quality beans. The best option is coffee grown on farms from mountainous regions of the equator. For example, such countries as Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, and Brazil. Everything depends on your taste - African coffee is lighter than South American coffee, which has a rich taste.

Use Fresh Beans

Oxygen significantly changes the taste of coffee beans. Therefore, the ideal drink can only be prepared from beans roasted 2-14 days ago. Experts recommend buying a small pack of freshly roasted beans and using it for 2 weeks. You can also buy coffee beans in compressed vacuum packaging, which helps to retain the product's properties for several months. After opening the package, store the beans in an air-tight container at room temperature.

Follow these tips and make your every cup of coffee not only tasty but also healthy.

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