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Healthy tips. Basic medical information.

Our content is for informational purposes and should not be considered as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations.


Regular health screenings are an essential component of early detection and timely diagnosis of many medical conditions. It is no secret that identifying a disease even before the appearance of the first symptoms greatly increases the chances of achieving a complete cure without consequences for the whole body. Early diagnosis is beneficial for disease prevention or delaying the development of chronic diseases. It can also reduce the risk of comorbidities that may negatively impact a person's performance and overall quality of life.

In addition, not the least of the advantages of timely diagnosis is a lower cost for early-diagnosed patients.
The annual preventive care for the most common diseases includes an examination program that is tailored to the individual patient depending on age, sex, and family health history. It is therefore important to consult a general practitioner promptly to get an appropriate health examination plan based on your needs.

The articles in this section provide detailed information on common symptoms of diseases that will let you know when you need to make an appointment and undergo specific screening tests.