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How The Sun Sees You

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Always seek the advice of your physician.

How The Sun Sees You

Sun is Dangerous

Solar radiation builds up in the system, and its impact reveals itself years later (as premature skin aging, increased risk of skin cancer, eye damage, etc.).

A picture is worth a thousand words. Watch this striking video that demonstrates how sunscreen cream blocks UV light.

In 2014, photographer Thomas Leveritt took a UV camera in one hand and a sunscreen cream in the other and went out into the streets of Brooklyn to show people how their skin looked in ultraviolet light. The project was called “How the sun sees you.”

Ultraviolet light reveals skin microdamage, wrinkles, pigmentation, and freckles. These are the damaging effects of skin exposure to UV (children have yet to suffer the damage). Once sunscreen is applied, the skin turns black, as seen with a UV camera, i.e., it becomes UV-proof.

What are the Key Takeaways from the Video?

  • It’s important to apply the cream evenly without missing any spots on the skin (didn’t it ever happen to you to get sunburn all over your body except that spot on which you accidentally dropped some cream earlier?)
  • Apply enough cream. Two layers are better than one, and a thick layer is better than a thin one.
  • Remember to cream wrists and feet, neck (especially the back of it), ears, and the back of the knees.
  • Apply a sunscreen cream over exposed body parts.
  • Avoid applying the cream around the eyes. Wear sunglasses to protect the skin around your eyes.
  • Apply cream 20 minutes before going out into the sun. Sunscreen cream takes time to sink into your skin.
  • Upon returning home, wash the sunscreen cream off and dust, sweat, and smog.
  • Reapply cream regularly (every 1.5-2 hours), especially if your child is swimming, sweating, or using a towel.
  • Always follow the instructions.

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