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Buckhead Primary Care Clinic - Family Practice Center in Atlanta

Buckhead Primary Care Clinic - Family Practice Center in Atlanta

Family physicians are specialists who provide comprehensive health care for the whole family. They specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of chronic and acute diseases.

Family practice is recognized as a separate specialty that requires extensive training in various medical fields. As a result, family practitioners have expertise not only in therapy but also in otolaryngology, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, and other areas. The acquired knowledge allows them to treat a wide range of diseases without referring patients to other specialists.

Each family physician also keeps medical records for every patient. You can contact them for any health-related matters, such as preventive checkups, a medical certificate for school or work, and a prescription for medication.

Since general practitioners are trained to take care of the whole family, from children to older adults, they are usually aware of family health history. This information significantly saves time for choosing appropriate medical screenings and making the correct diagnosis.

Family Medicine Services at Buckhead Clinic

Family medicine physicians help manage a variety of healthcare needs:

  • treatment for any non-life-threatening conditions
  • regular annual checkups
  • health risk assessment
  • screening tests for various diseases
  • healthy lifestyle counseling 
  • chronic disease management

What Symptoms Can a Family Physician Treat?

Go to your family physician for the following kinds of conditions.

  • fever, cold, flu, COVID-19
  • sore throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
  • dizziness, headache
  • high or low blood pressure
  • diarrhea, vomiting
  • lack of appetite
  • sudden, unexpected weight gain (or sudden weight loss)
  • chronic fatigue, stress
  • pain in different parts of the body
  • rapid heartbeat
  • digestive problems
  • allergies
  • insomnia
  • urinary tract infections (cystitis, pyelonephritis)
  • endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, and others)
  • joint pain
  • immunizations and vaccines

Nowadays, patients seek medical attention not only for treatment plans but also for preventive measures. They ask for guidance in matters of hereditary diseases, a healthy diet, and choosing an effective physical activity.

Family physicians can also help treat and manage various chronic conditions.

  • diabetes
  • heart diseases
  • cholesterol problems 
  • thyroid disease
  • arthritis
  • asthma

Family physicians monitor the health of the whole family and can therefore assess the risks of potential diseases for each family member. For example, they will recommend starting colonoscopy screening at age 40 if you have close relatives who have been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Based on the results of the examination and tests, the family physician can refer the patient to a range of other specialists, if necessary. It happens when treatment is beyond the scope of the family practice physician, or disease management requires more accurate diagnostic data.

How Often are Adults and Children Supposed to See their Family Physicians?

To provide patient monitoring, family physicians order annual physical examinations. People with or at risk for chronic disease are strongly advised to visit their primary care physician regularly.

Can a Family Physician Help Prevent Serious Health Conditions?

Regular screening tests can catch the warning signs of disease in its earliest stages. Besides, they may facilitate treatment and increase its effectiveness.

A family physician cannot provide 100% protection against diseases, but the high motivation of the patient and adherence to medical recommendations are able to lower the chances of developing diseases and their complications.

To make an appointment with our family medicine physicians, please use the appointment form.

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