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Allergy Center

Buckhead Primary Care Allergy Center

Buckhead Primary Care Allergy Center

Buckhead Primary Care Allergy Center

Allergy Symptoms

Allergy symptoms can occur both on first exposure of your body to allergens and after repetitive contact when the concentration reaches critical levels.

Types of Allergies

There is plenty of food allergens, however, 90% of all allergic responses are caused by milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and hazelnuts.

Hay Fever

Hay fever is an allergic condition of the human body to plant pollen. Often, people are faced with hay fever in late winter, spring, and summer, when the herbs and trees are blooming. People in the age range between10 and 40 years old get sick are more likely to get sick with hay fever. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is very common during adolescence. According to international studies, it affects 40% of young people in the United States.

Causes of Allergy

There are internal (related to the human body) and external risk factors for the development of allergy. Because of the rising incidence of allergies in recent years, external factors, such as infections, environmental pollution, and changes in diet, are given utmost importance.

Allergy Diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis is the key to fighting off an allergy because avoidance of the allergen is the best way to treat it.

Allergy Treatment

Although most allergies can’t be cured, individual proper treatments can help. Allergy treatments include...

Emergency Care for Allergy

Anaphylactic shock is the most dangerous allergic reaction. Only doctors are able to provide proper treatment but a person’s life depends on the actions taken by those around them. Anaphylaxis can turn deadly within an hour; there’s a chance that common antihistamine tablets won’t help.

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