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Sexually Transmitted Infections 

The Buckhead Primary Care Clinic can diagnose a variety of sexually transmitted infections. Treatment can be initiated depending on the type of infection, or appropriate referrals will be made. We approach our patients and their treatment with integrity and confidentiality. If you are concerned about exposure to or contracting an infection, please get tested immediately. This is the safest option for yourself and your sexual partners and will give you peace of mind. 

Some of the sexually transmitted diseases and infections we can test for include

Sex is one of the critical parts of the relationship. But it also has a dark side. Intimacy, especially unprotected and frequent partner change, is often a cause of infection, transmitted through sexual contact (STD). However, not all these infections are detected quickly. Not all of them are deadly. But sometimes, long-term consequences can change a person’s life forever. Now, there are over 30 detected sexually transmitted infections. Interestingly, almost every year, the number increases.

  • Approximately one million people around the world are infected with STDs daily.
  • Over half a billion people on Earth are affected by genital herpes infection and live with it.
  • The total number of women infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV) is about 300 million — approximately US citizens!

Features of STDs are absent from modern diagnostics and treatment; therefore, many become chronic or go into a latent form. They can cause infertility and erectile dysfunction. Despite this, some STDs can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or infect a child during birth.

What Sex Type is the Most Dangerous?

The incubation period for most STDs is 21 days from the moment of infection to the moment of symptom manifestation. The causative agents of viral infections are found in all biological fluids of an infected person: blood, sperm, vaginal discharge, and saliva.

These liquids are hazardous in contact with mucous membranes, including sex organs and the mouth. Therefore, STDs can be transmitted during vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Moreover, anal and oral sex is more dangerous than vaginal. Microcracks in the rectal mucosa and trauma to the gums contribute to the most successful infection.

It is also important to remember that condoms can not fully protect you from STDs. It is effective for infections such as gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. Still, it will not save you from genital herpes, human papillomavirus infection, or syphilis. Therefore, the correct and reliable way is to ask your new partner for a doctor’s note. Do not be shy! It is for your good – regular check-ups and tests are much nicer and cheaper than long treatment.

7 Signs of STD in Males

a man at a doctor's appointment
  • burning and itching during urination
  • pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • redness, edema, or genitals
  • rash on the penis, the head of the penis, and the pubis
  • increase the size of lymphatic nodes in the groin
  • heavy discharge from the urethra
  • the unpleasant smell of the genitals

Sometimes, the infection can pass invisibly and with latent or erased symptoms without causing much concern. With this, the infected person remains a source of infection for others.

6 Signs of STD in Females

a woman at a gynecologist's appointment

Vaginal discharge is a physiological phenomenon. Their character changes and is dependent on the woman’s age and the menstrual cycle phase. Vaginal discharge is normal. The microflora of the vagina contains many microorganisms which coexist in symbiosis with our body. The dominant part is lactobacilli. All other organisms in small amount and their active reproduction inhibit lactobacilli and the acidic environment of the vagina. When this balance is disrupted, there are favorable conditions for infection development. 

What Discharge Should Alert?

  • profuse foamy or cheesy discharge
  • itching of external genitals can be accompanied by painful urination
  • redness and edema of genitals
  • the appearance of sores may be painful but may be asymptomatic
  • smell - it can be sharply sour or putrid, fishy
  • skin rash

Any of these symptoms or their combination talk about the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. In Buckhead, you can undergo any tests for identification of sexual infection. Doctors in our clinic will find a treatment scheme for you and will control your recovery.

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