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Primary Care Services

What is the Nature of this Service?

Primary care aims to prevent and cure disease. Your primary care provider can diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions; provide counseling; and educate you about disease prevention. Primary care is a highly collaborative area of medicine. A primary care provider will work closely with other clinical health professionals through consultation and referral, where necessary.

Who are the Primary Care Providers?

Primary care providers can include physicians specialized in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics or Family Medicine. It can also include other medical providers such as physician assistants (PA-C) and nurse practitioners (NP). All primary care providers are specialized to serve as a gateway into the healthcare system. Therefore, they can provide comprehensive examinations and continued care, for patients who have an undiagnosed health concern. Regardless of whether this undiagnosed health concern is biological, social or psychological in nature, the primary care provider is your first point of call.

What is the Nature of a Primary Care Practice?

A primary care practice is equipped to provide both immediate and continued care for a wide range of health conditions, in-house. Your primary care clinic can also direct you to a specialist referral should you require more specialized care.

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There is no reason to wait days or weeks to see your primary care physician or to go to the emergency room for non-life-threatening conditions.

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